Our Offer


Remuneration & Benefits
GP offers a comprehensive remuneration package designed to attract high quality individuals and retain competent staff members, motivating them to achieve the highest standards of performance and contribute to our business success.

Our salary determinants are based on the job scope and accountability of individual position. We review our remuneration and benefits regularly to ensure market competitiveness and internal equity.

Training & Development
After selecting the right people, we strive to develop our staff to their full potential by continuous investments in our comprehensive training programs.

With a wide range of interactive workshops and courses, we provide opportunities for employees to understand their strengths and develop their skill sets, including core competencies, product knowledge and leadership skills.

Performance Management
To help achieving departmental objectives and organizational goals, we apply a range of performance management tools to ensure that resources are allocated in an effective and efficient manner.

We encourage every appraiser to provide staff with ongoing and constructive feedback while exploring their personal and professional development needs, so that they can keep on excelling themselves and generating added values to our company and shareholders.

Career Advancement
We commit ourselves to “promotion-from-within” policy, meaning that we will consider current employees for promotion opportunities before hiring candidates from outside.

We believe the policy can allow employees to grow hand in hand with the company, benefiting the long-term development of both sides. That is the win-win situation we aim to achieve.

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